At Play On! Studios, our top priority is the enjoyment and growth of each child. Our attention to detail helps create a nurturing, non-competitive environment where our students feel comfortable taking on new challenges. We are incredibly proud that this unique, special quality can be felt within all of our programming. If you would like to hear more about our programming directly from another parent, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Marco really did have a wonderful time and your talent, creativity, sensitivity and professionalism were so crucial to this process. Thanks to both of you again for everything.
— Dad of 11 year-old boy
Campbell is thoroughly enjoying her time at the camp. Your support of her developing her craft is invaluable.
— Mom of 10 year-old girl
I am grateful we found your program this summer— it was a DELIGHT watching Leilani perform.
— Mom of 8 year-old girl
Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful week. Jacob and Chloe had so much fun! They are already talking about returning next year. As a teacher and parent, I must tell you how impressed I am with your program. You all are so great with all the kids and I am thrilled that we were able to join you.
— Mom of 8 year-old girl, 8 year-old boy
He had a great time throughout the last month. Everyone had fun at that performance. What a brilliant choice of show. And the kids were all adorable and happy. You could tell.
— Mom of 13 year-old boy


You are AMAZING - thanks so much for your wonderful teaching and leadership — and impeccable attention to all the big and small details. You bring it all together for your students and their families.
— Mom of 10 year-old girl
Thank you!! Vivian seems to be doing so well and really enjoying it. It’s no effort to get her to play. She played a fair amount today without my even asking.
— Mom of 7 year-old girl
We think Laurian’s first recital was WONDERFUL. You really created the perfect balance of a casual, fun, yet serious atmosphere for the performers. As first-time attendees we truly noticed and appreciated the intentional structure, atmosphere and other details that made it all a pleasure - from the certificates, to the photographer/videographer, to the posting of the videos/pictures, to the random name-calling, to the final let’s-take-turns-smiling-at-different-angles approach at the end. I went through Diller Quaile’s program many years ago and I wish my recitals were as comfortable as yours!
— Dad of 6 year-old boy
My artistic practice has completely transformed since working with Elisa; she gives not only technical skills but teaches you in a personalized, own-your-education manner that has inspired me to begin composing for the first time in my life!
— Meghan, an adult learning cello for the first time!
What a show! What a pleasure to watch! One of the things that I especially appreciated was the way that all of the kids really seemed to be at ease and to have their anxiety at a minimum. I know that all of my kids had a very positive first experience in performing and came away feeling very proud and inspired, in spite of having made some mistakes. They seemed to be able to recover without catastrophe which is an invaluable experience! I think this reflects in part your encouraging, yet firm and disciplined approach to teaching. I also think you managed to make each child feel appreciated for their creativity, which is no small accomplishment! Thank you again for a thoroughly enjoyable experience on many levels!
— Mom of 4 budding young musicians!