We are a small company committed to keeping exceptional theater and music opportunities accessible to everyone. Please let us know about unique circumstances.


Play On! Studios reserves the right to cancel or adjust any class due to low enrollment.

With the exception of trial classes, parents/guardians are not invited to observe classes or camps. If there is a compelling reason for a parent/guardian to be present, please notify us, in advance, so that we can make arrangements to minimize distractions.

Deposits for camps are non-refundable. Campers must cancel no later than one month prior to the first day to receive a refund on the remainder of their fee. Classes must be cancelled no later than one week prior to receive a full refund (minus a $50 processing fee). After these points, refunds are not available.

If your child is going to miss a class or be late, please let us know as soon as possible via phone or email. We plan our classes in advance - in some cases very detailed rehearsal schedules - so it can be difficult for our teachers to get the most out of each class when there are unplanned absences. We appreciate your cooperation.

Students/campers should wear comfortable clothes that they can move in. Skirts and dresses are fine, but wear leggings or shorts underneath. Please wear shoes appropriate for movement/dancing (sneakers or sandals that strap onto your feet). No flip flops or crocs please. 


On the first lesson of each month, payment is due for the predicted number of lessons that month. If a lesson ends up being cancelled or added, we will make up the difference the following month. You can pay in cash or a check made out to “Play On! Studios”. We are happy to discuss other payment options and schedules. Everything must be agreed upon by your teacher.

Our cancellation policy is, first and foremost, designed to be fair to students and teachers. It is critical that you let us know ASAP about any conflicts or emergencies. If you must cancel after 12/noon the day before a lesson, you must pay for that lesson. We will try our best to schedule a makeup with you within the next two weeks (not counting regular lessons)*. If the lesson is cancelled at the very last minute and our teacher has already showed up, we will not be able to schedule a makeup.

*If the missed lesson takes place in one of our studios (and not in your home), a $15 studio rescheduling fee must be paid regardless of whether a make-up is arranged.

We have two recitals during the school year, one in late January and one before school ends in June. They are incredibly fun and inspirational for the kids, and we've created a wonderful, supportive environment. There is a small fee to make this happen - never more than the cost of a lesson - and it is very important to us that everyone participates. For more information please check out our RECITALS page.